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Newborn Photography

I absolutely love photographing newborn babies but I don't take the responsibility lightly.

When our youngest was 4 weeks old, it was Christmas eve and around 10pm when we got her up for her night feed we quickly realised something wasn't right. We rushed to Gore hospital and from there we were sent to Invercargill where they have pediatric equipment and seeing our tiny girl on a massive bed, with a dozen people rushing around her shouting out medical terms that we couldn't understand was frightening. It was an extremely long night, there were tears lots of tears! We spent her first Christmas in hospital with her sleeping on my shoulder most of the day where she was most comfortable. Chris spent the day with our other children and turned up that night with cheesecake ~ it's the little things at times like those!

This was a scary experience and not one I would want others to go through. I will not compromise the health of your baby by going ahead with your session if my health is not 100%. As babies are generally photographed in the first two weeks their immune system is vulnerable so while having to reschedule, the health of your family is what is most important. I also ensure I keep my whooping cough vaccine is up to date.

And it turned out our baby girl had a viral infection and a couple of days later she was back to herself.

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Brock Roth
Brock Roth
Sep 23, 2022

I enjooyed reading this

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