The Power of Photographs ~ Davies Family, Tapanui

I met this wonderful, warm and welcoming family about 4 years ago, when youngest son Jock had just been through his first treatment for cancer. I remember turning up to meet 3 cricket mad boys, with a birthday cake to match the theme.

Last year their world was turned upside down for a second time - Jock's cancer was back and this time he needed a stem cell transplant. There is no way I can even begin to understand what they have been through as a family, in fact just considering it for a couple of seconds brings tears to my eyes. A couple of weeks ago on a beautiful warm evening we met again to update their family portraits.

When Sarah came into the studio last week to see the final images, I turned around at the end of the slideshow and she was crying ~ tears of so many emotions including joy! In Sarah’s words, she said the images showed how far they had come as a family and I feel blessed that I could give them that. I know these images are priceless to Sarah, Pete and their boys and I am so excited about the big gorgeous framed print of their family they will have hanging on their wall to remind them of this every day.


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